About Me

Hi. I am 62. A Silver Divorcée. And a proud one. I have a cognitively challenged dad and a delightful son. Both are precious to me.

My health has faced challenges which I have always tried to face square on…with humour if possible. Even if it’s just so I do not cry.

I am finally emerging from the hell that was 2012, 2013 and 2014. Three years of hell. Interspersed with pure joy and friendships. New and old.

This blog is for all my old friends. You know who I am. But do we really know who the inner person is? I am fairly ladylike, refined even on the surface but when I start writing I am another person. Maybe a better version of myself? I do not know. I will leave it for the ones who know and love me to decide.

I hope to entertain, inform and advocate for Mesh Damage, Women’s surgical issues and Alzheimer’s. Have experienced all three firsthand. My parents having/had Alzheimer’s, not myself, though I thought on many occasions that I was heading that way.

Looking forward to hearing from you. It will be wonderful to interact with fellow bloggers again after five years.

Warm regards,